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Personalise your Swiss Army Knife with your name, a friends name or even a company name!

Whether it's for a birthday or retirement, a wedding or graduation, Fathers Day or Christmas Day, a personalised Victorinox Swiss Army Knife makes a fantastic gift sure to delight your loved one!

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Personalise your Swiss Army Knife with your name, a friends name or even a company name!

We can personalise both sides of your chosen Swiss Army Knife with up to 40 characters and you can choose from 40 fonts
Victorinox's flagship Swiss Army knife, consists of 64 individual parts and goes through an astonishing 450 step manufacturing process
33 functions
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RRP: £110.99 save 32%
An excellent upgrade to the Camper adding Scissors, Metal Saw, Metal File, Chisel and Fine Screwdriver
22 functions
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RRP: £66.99 save 27%
With a wealth of features, including Scissors, Pliers, Wood and Metal Saw, the Handyman is a great all rounder
25 functions
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RRP: £84.99 save 31%
Similar to the Climber, with Philips Screwdriver instead of Corkscrew
15 functions
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RRP: £46.99 save 21%
Popular knife with its Pliers, Wire Cutter and Philips Screwdriver
18 functions
View Details
RRP: £59.99 save 22%
The Mountaineer adds a Metal Saw with Metal File
19 functions
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RRP: £56.99 save 25%
Fancy yourself as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes? With the Explorer's magnifying glass you may discover a vital clue...
17 functions
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RRP: £63.99 save 23%
Similar to the Spartan, with the addition of sharp scissors and a multi-purpose hook
15 functions
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RRP: £43.99 save 16%
Collector’s piece specially designed to celebrate the 125-year anniversary of the Swiss Army Knife. Limited edition run of just 9,999 pieces worldwide, all featuring their own sequential numbering and the year 1897
6 functions
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RRP: £360.00 save 11%

SPOTLIGHT ON: The Victorinox Spartan Swiss Army Knife

Spartan Swiss Army Knife

The Victorinox Spartan is a classic. This is the pocket knife against which all others are measured. With its shiny inlaid Swiss Army emblem, rigorous engineering, and smooth action, the Spartan sets the standard. No other pocket-size multi-tool comes close.

The Spartan is the handy little life-saver that never leaves your side. At home it opens everything from envelopes to canned food. At a party it's the go-to tool to set the wine and beer flowing.

With 8 tools and 13 features, the Victorinox Spartan manages to solve a million little problems. You can strip wire, unscrew door handles, or pick your way into the tiniest crevice. It's good for personal grooming too, with tweezers and toothpick to keep you looking and feeling great. Wherever you are, you won't ever want to be without your Spartan Swiss Army Knife.

Personalisation is available on this knife.
The Victorinox Spartan is available in the following colours:
red swatch blue swatch green swatch yellow swatch black swatch white swatch
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